Website and App Feedback Surveys

                    Improve experiences across the digital journey

                    Over 11K brands and 75% of the Fortune 100 use Qualtrics

                    With Qualtrics you can collect feedback across your entire user experience to improve response rates, overcome barriers to conversion, and act on insights.

                    With intelligent website and app feedback you can:

                    • Measure website and app effectiveness
                    • Optimize the digital journey by acting on real-time visitor insights
                    • Understand key drivers of cart abandonment, conversion, and satisfaction
                    • Manage and improve your digital experience from a single platform

                    Ready to gather feedback about your website?

                    Turn digital insights into action

                    Engage the right people, at the right time

                    Intelligent segmentation and advanced targeting triggers communications to gather feedback at key moments.

                    Surface actionable insights

                    From product pages on your eCommerce website to mobile apps, SMS and chatbots, easily monitor and surface new digital insights gathered at every touchpoint.

                    Act on what's important

                    Use advanced statistics to correlate your customer journey data with satisfaction drivers and automatically route key drivers and actions to the right teams in the right tools.

                    website feedback survey builder

                    Avoid complexity and confusion

                    Take full control of the user experience without any dependency on IT teams. Drag-and-drop functionalities allow you to easily build, deploy, and modify responsive feedback surveys across web, mobile, and in-app to customize and brand your digital experience.

                    Target with precision

                    Personalize and pinpoint feedback surveys using over 20 behavioral and location-based criteria, alongside seamless web analytics integration with digital platforms like Adobe and Google Analytics. Intelligent and agile feedback widgets segment audiences based on:

                    • Time on site
                    • Geo-location
                    • Device Type
                    • Demographic
                    • Bounce rate

                    website feedback survey targeting rules

                    app feedback creative types

                    Build a full understanding of key moments

                    Conduct usability testing, visitor profiling, abandonment studies, post-transaction studies, and A/B testing. Customize the way you gather feedback to optimize the user experiences delivered.

                    Collect more high-quality feedback

                    Increase your return on investment with Qualtrics’ advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning that monitors performance and makes recommendations that improve customer response rates, such as survey question types and placement of feedback buttons.

                    Optimize your in-app experience

                    Make it easy for customers to give feedback in the moment without having to leave your app. Easily design and update the app feedback experience.

                    Connect your digital ecosystem

                    Unlock more insights from your website and app feedback using dynamic dashboards and by leveraging pre-built integrations with third-party systems including Adobe and Google Analytics.

                    What are website feedback surveys?

                    Website feedback surveys are any surveys presented to visitors on your website. These surveys help you build customer profiles, gauge the effects of new pages or experiences and improve website conversion.

                    When you engage your online visitors with website feedback surveys during important interaction periods, they’re an endless source of highly actionable insights. That’s because website feedback surveys go beyond the quantitative nature of web analytics by providing both a forum for suggestions and a channel for customer insight. You’re also capturing insights in the moment that matters—as your real-life customers are engaging with your product, service, or solution.

                    Web analytics tools are good for providing the “what’s” behind customer behavior (e.g., traffic paths, time-on-page, product preferences, etc.,) but website feedback surveys provide the “whys” (e.g., through targeted surveys, open-text comment boxes, etc.) Collecting feedback via your website is one of the most effective and scalable ways to optimize your customer experience by connecting website visitors with business owners.

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