Customer Experience Management

                    Turn customers into fanatics

                    Hear every customer’s voice, fix every broken experience, and increase customer loyalty and spend. With Qualtrics CustomerXM, you get the power of the ultimate listening engine, predictive intelligence and analytics, and full closed-loop actioning capabilities, so you can gain a holistic understanding of your customers’ experiences and take the right actions that drive meaningful impact.

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                    The System of Action that takes you beyond measurement to breakthrough results

                    Business value realization

                    Take actions that make an impact

                    Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organization.

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                    Taking detractors to passive will
                    net $170 million more than turning
                    passives into promoters

                    Ultimate listening

                    Hear every
                    single customer

                    Meet your customers where they are and capture real-time feedback in the moments that matter. With 27 channels and 128 data sources all feeding into one platform, you’ll get a complete view of what customers are thinking and feeling.

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                    Predictive AI

                    Know exactly how to retain customers

                    Uncover trends, patterns and key drivers of customer loyalty with iQ, our predictive intelligence engine. Access prescriptive insights, instantly - so you can focus on the areas that will maximize impact.

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                    Automated Actions

                    Deliver recommended actions to the people in the best position
                    to respond

                    CustomerXM automatically sends recommended actions to the right teams, in the tools they use, so they can take the steps that will improve customer satisfaction, spend, and loyalty.

                    Drag-and-drop integrations automatically trigger actions in your CRM, ticketing systems, messaging apps and more, to create a single System of Action that puts the customer at the heart of the organization.

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                    Order 9751-HU-23 arrived
                    with broken items.
                    Reship broken items ASAP.

                    Shipping is a negative topic.
                    Multiple customers mentioned broken items.
                    Adjust packaging process.

                    Enterprise Grade

                    One platform -
                    safe, secure, and trusted

                    Have complete peace of mind with an enterprise-grade platform that offers best-in-class security, compliance and manageability.

                    With robust management tools, you can control team and department access too, ensuring the right data flows to the right people.

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                    A trusted partner on your CX journey

                    Build a world-class program with our services, train your teams on the skills they’ll need to drive your program forward, and check in regularly to optimize your program once it’s live.


                    • XM Scientists
                    • Customer Success
                    • Tech Consultants


                    • Tech Consultants
                    • Solution architects
                    • Program Architects


                    • Training & Certification
                    • Community Support
                    • Customer Success
                    • Tech Acct Mgr


                    • Engineering Services

                    Expert guidance from the fastest-growing XM ecosystem

                    Whether it’s one of our 120+ partners, the XM Institute or our team of industry-expert XM Scientists, our team is your team and we’re here to help you succeed. From focused help to managing your program end-to-end, we’ll tailor services to your unique needs.

                    The world’s best brands turn to Qualtrics to deliver breakthrough customer experiences

                    Guided programs turbocharge customer experience programs with pre-configured surveys, expert-validated methods,
                    and dashboards tailored to your industry or use case.

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                    Straight out of the box.

                    Get your CX program up and running faster with XM Solutions—expert-designed solutions featuring proven methodology, guided workflows and time-saving automation.

                    • Includes all your feedback collection, dashboards and program roadmaps
                    • Tested in some of the world’s most successful organizations and customized for your industry
                    • Easy-to-launch relational, transactional and full-journey customer experience programs

                    Qualtrics CustomerXM has a 633% ROI

                    Qualtrics commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact? (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying its customer experience (CX) platform.

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                    Ready to take your customer experience to the next level?

                    What is Customer Experience Management?

                    Customer experience (CX) is the total perception someone has of your organization. It’s the cumulation of all the various experiences customers have with your company, and can help:

                    • Improve customer retention and loyalty
                    • Increase customer share of wallet
                    • Optimize customer acquisition
                    • Reduce cost to serve
                    • Increase brand awareness and equity

                    The best customer experience management software programs track every customer interaction and analyze the data to close the gap between what customers expect and what the experience currently being delivered.
                    A recent study showed that “Customer Experience Leaders” grow 2x faster and maintain operations that are 15% leaner than the average company.

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